Mad Hatter Antiques Refinishing & Restoration, L.L.C. has been furniture's best friend since 1986. As a full service refinishing and restoration workshop, owned and operated by Tony Vuolo, our goal is to provide specialized, quality care to every job entrusted to us.

Mad Hatter Antiques Refinishing & Restoration, L.L.C. began as a retail antique shop. As his involvement in the world of antiques increased, Tony began to refinish more and more pieces. Tony found the craftsmanship of refinishing to be a very fulfilling and useful profession and decided it was the work for him. To this day, Tony can't remember the first piece he restored for a customer, but for over 20 years, refinishing and restoration has been a mainstay. He has grown into a master craftsman in the field, having artistic talent mixed with technical ability and a special eye for detail. With expertise in both antique and contemporary pieces, MHA serves both residential and commercial clients in New York and New Jersey.

Please contact us at: if you have any questions, or call (973) 772-4400.